• I am happy to recommend Dr Rohit Krishna. He is a highly reputable and experienced surgeon. He organized top quality treatment for my operation and I felt well cared for in professional hands. He also helped me with accommodation for post operative recovery and made sure my needs were met. He continued with home visits during my recovery period and collaborated with one of India’s top woman gynecologists. I have been very impressed with the whole experience and will not hesitate to come again should it be necessary.

    - Bridget van block
  • I had an ailment which had me applying steroidal creams on My right cheek as treatment. Which caused a depression and pigmentation that made My face look lopsided

    Dr. Krishna grafted fat from My hips into that cheek. He did it with such precision that both My cheeks are perfectly balanced! Not only that, his procedure was so efficient that it removed all the pigmentation

    As a young girl, the depression was delibitating and thanks to Dr. Krishna, I feel good about Myself again!

    - Gayatri Narang Toronto, ON Canada
  • I am most delighted to express my gratitude to Dr Rohit Krishna for his expertise in plastic surgery. My keloid excision surgery was wonderful coupled with your passion for your patients well being and comfort. You are the best….

    - Irokwe Chukwuemeka Jonathan.(Nigeria)
  • My experience with Dr. Krishna is amazing. It all started six months before my surgery.
    After having three children I could not get rid of my bulge
    in the center of my tummy. I worked out did yoga, sit ups but nothing worked, It was just getting bigger.
    After menopause I had even gained more weight even my back area upper and lower.
    I am conscious of what I eat and a holistic foodie. I had high cholesterol and my hdl was high.
    Living in U.S. I had spoken to several doctors none of them made a connection with me. I was not sure because I had never before had any surgery or been cut and being that I was on a spiritual path I was very selective I needed to have a connection on a spiritual level. I found his website to be very informative and loved his spiritual name Krishna.

    I wanted go to India to an ashram so I thought to myself why not search on line in India and write a letter to several doctors and explain about myself and the procedure I wanted and my path. I took a chance of faith and I got two responses One said he could not help me with arrangements but only surgery but the other Dr. Krishna said he would help with everything I needed. He was gracious on the phone and his letters. He made me feel confident and reassuring and informed me about pre and post surgery steps.

    He assisted me from the arrival of my flight to the arrangements of my stay and of my safety in India. He was very caring and asked many questions about my health history.

    Dr. Krishna did a serious of blood work before surgery. He was amazing he was their for me in every step.
    He went to explain how life changing this procedure is. He was going to do more then just a tummy tuck.
    Unlike in the U.S. None gave the confidence that Dr. Krishna gave me.
    Forever I am grateful to him.

    - Khadija Laxmi
  • I came in from Nottingham for a Revision Liposuction and flew back after a week…the results are very gratifying … Thank you doc.

    - Satinder, Nottingham
  • I consulted Dr. Rohit Krishna for liposuction , tummy tuck , breast augmentation with fat grafting and lower eyelid surgery.It was all done in one sitting and the outcome was to my satisfaction …I am indeed very happy with the results.

    - Jennifer, UK
  • I came in from New Jersey for a complete mommy makeover ….I consulted Dr. Rohit Krishna and went in for liposuction ,tummy tuck and mastopexy to tighten all areas that had loosened up…the results have been extremely positive ..the best part was that I flew back home in 10 days

    - Abha, New Jersey
  • I am forever grateful to you Dr. Krishna. Having a tummy tuck and lypo was more then I expected. My cholesterol level dropped and able to take deeper breaths from my diaphragm. Over all health is improving more and more everyday. Thank you for a life changing experience that ill never forget, the best gift I could give myself. Namaste

    - Khadija Laxmi
  • I undertook vaser liposuction by Dr. Rohit krishna about three weeks ago. I am happy with my shape already and looking forward to look better in the coming weeks. I have had a smooth run. No saggy skin. No fluid pockets.I am happy with the doctor and recommend him for liposuction procedure.

    - Chandrika
  • Dear Dr Rohit, I would like to convey a very big ‘Thank You’ to you for helping me regain my lost midriff. You have done a great job and I am extremely happy with the results that I have seen so far.I am indeed glad that I went ahead with my decision to get it done and chose you as my doctor. Your professional approach and personal touch was most helpful in clearing my apprehensions and soothing my nerves.I am eagerly looking forward to seeing my swelling subside and fitting into my old clothes and few new ones too ! Thank You.

    - Seema Sirohi
  • I am really thankful to Dr Rohit Krishna for the vaser lipo which he did on my arms. Thanks to his skillful hands I no longer have batwings but instead have beautiful toned and firm upper arms. I was so happy with his expertise and results that I also decided to get my thighs done and I am now eagerly waiting to see the results. The best thing about the doctor is that he assists you in making all the preparations for both before and after the procedure and remains available to you during the recovery period. I have never met a more friendly, helpful and approachable doctor before. Once again thank you so much for everything doctor.

    - Aditi
  • I damaged my face in serious car accident 1999, face was paralyzed.During the last 12 years i have had many constructive operations and consultations, totally in 9 different countries in 3 separate continent. Some surgerys did not succeed.Damage levels were high and that is why, I personally happy that I managed to found after many twists and turns a skillful Dr. Rohit Krishna who is extremly capable in very demanding reconstructive surgery.I have used Dr. Rohit Krishna services currently two times and I will visit him third time.I have met many physician’s around the world. For my opinion Dr. Rohit Krishna is one of the most empatic surgeons who i have encounteret in my voyages.

    - Marjut Jokinen(Finland.)
  • I just wanted to write in to say thank-you for so expertly performing otoplasty on my ears and for the smooth process leading up to it. It has been about three weeks and the swelling has almost completely disappeared, the stitches are on their way out almost fully, and there is only slight sensitivity which I know will decrease over the coming weeks. You were really informative and efficient about the operation and I am immensely satisfied with the results.

    - Aditi Razdan (Australia)
  • Dear Rohit! I look in the mirrow and I am soooo happy – thank you for you skilled hands! I feel very lucky that it was you I found when I searched the internet – I don’t Think I could have ended up in better hands ?? Please also send a thank you to your staff whom did a great job taking good Care of me… I don’t hope I have been too much with All my worries and questions…! For sure we Will meet again – Im back already in nov/dec – and I so need a ride in your new car ?? have fun with that! See you!

    - Dorthe
  • I was and still am impressed with the skim grafting surgery you conducted on my daughter Ms.Kareemah A.Sambo. who is just 2yrs 6 month old. She suffered burns from very hot boiled water over a year ago which destroyed the skin layer of her left foot. The surgery was good and ten days after surgery both the donor area of the leg and the grafted area are healed. Thank you very much for everything.

    - Mr. Adamu Dabo Sambo
  • I am from the USA, and consulted Dr. Rohit Krishna for breast augmentation and liposuction. I elected to have these procedures following my consult with the doctor. The doctor ensured preparations were made for my procedure both before and after and maintained available to me during the recovery period. I began this process with very small breasts and feeling uncomfortable with my body as my thighs had always had some cellulite. Following the procedure I am feeling much more confident about my body and love the outcome. I have a full bust now and smoother/firm thighs. My thanks goes out to Dr. Rohit.

    - Sherry shaw, idaho USA
  • I consulted Dr Rohit Krishna for Gynaecomastia and found his skills and expertise excellent.He not only guided me about the procedures but ensured that the end results were perfect. It was done through Vaser technology which is the state of the art technique the world over.The results were outstanding.

    - Joy
  • I am from the USA, and consulted Dr. Rohit Krishna regarding breast augmentation and liposuction. Following my consult with the Doctor, I elected to have him perform these procedures. The doctor assisted me in preparing both before and after the surgery. I have been very happy with the results of these procedures. I had very small breasts and now have a full bust and smooth/firm thighs. My thanks go out to Dr. Rohit Krishna.

    - Debbie, USA
  • I have got my gyamecomastia surgery from Dr. Rohit Krishna and I am very happy. It was painless and bloodless. I give him my best compliments for the work that he has done for me.

    - Sam

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